The History of 5th Floor

The head spinning adventure of “5. Kat(5th Floor) Restaurant” filled with art, taste and style began in 1993, in Beyoğlu’s historic Cihangir neighborhood. It took its name from the 5th floor of the building it’s in, Bilsak (science art institute ); Istanbul’s oldest civilian cultural center which has played host to many cultural events, concerts, talks and art workshops. Thus, its setting became probably the city’s most breathtaking one, reaching from Sarayburnu to the Bosporus. Actress/director Yasemin Alkaya is the founder and her passion for art is reflected on everything from the extraordinary fabric of the place to its yummylicious food and of course to its celebrity guest list. Famous names like Türkan Şoray, Halil Ergün, Mehmet Alabora,Meltem Cumbul,Çağan Irmak,Yılmaz Erdoğan,Tamer Levent,and many of all shared what they eat, drink and listen to with their fans during special nights at the 5th Floor.
5th Floor also made a name for itself with its unique parties. Old Singles, Full Moon, Single’s Party, 70’s were some of the memorable themes for these special nights. A favorite with film people for many years, 5th Floor itself became a movie in 2004. The actors in the movie 5.Kat, shot as a directorial debut by Yasemin Alkaya were of course its customers and staff.
5th Floor is still remembered by the unforgettable concerts played on its glorious stage. Mich Gerber, Mercan Dede, Hüsnü Şenlendirici, Balanescu quartet,Gülden Karaböcek are some of the giants who performed here. As world famous jazz musicians like Ornette Coleman, Stefano Belmondo, Esbjörn Svensson, İlhan Erşahin they were a guest in 5.Kat for several times.
With the festival season, also began the festival at 5th Floor. Many of the worldwide known names that visited the city as guests of IKSV film and jazz festivals also came to 5th Floor. To dine and enjoy the city night.Jane Campion, Patricia Arquette, Ian McKellen, Peter Greenaway, Patricia Arquette,Jacky Terrasson,Stephane Belmondo, Lynne Ramsay,Moe Dunford was some of the celebrities.Who were a guest in 5.Kat.
The 20th Anniversary of 5th Floor was an occasion to remember. The legendary On the night of 27 April, the avant-garde string quartet Balanescu Quartet, took over the stage for an unforgettable music feast, against the breathtaking view of the restaurant. For the 25th Anniversary the concert from Mich Gerber was Unforgettable but also there was a great surprise from Yasemin Alkaya.She cooked the family recipes with the help of her sisters and her mother she prepared amazing dinner for her guests.
The secret to 27years in Istanbul where many places open and close almost within a season is, of course 5th Floor’s heavenly view, its delicious food from its select world cuisine menu, the unmatched romantic atmosphere of its decoration, it’s relaxing and enjoyable music archive, its friendly and attentive waiters; but most importantly its stylish, classy, unique and intellectual guests.
5th Floor is standing strong despite the years, staying true to its young and artistic soul. It still is and will continue to be one of the most special places in Istanbul, just as it did in the past.