* Traditional Turkish Breakfast (For Two People, with Brewed Tea) ₺ 180.00
Different types of cheese, olives, homemade jam, honey, butter, tomato, cucumber, cream, grill halloumi, homemade pastries and eggs (according to your preference).


* Hot Starter Plate
Fried halloumi cheese, quesadilla, falafel, and crispy chicken fingers served with special sauce.
- Small ₺ 39.50
- Large ₺ 65.50
* Sautéed Shrimp ₺ 62.50
Tomato-garlic sauce, served with garlic bread.
* Grilled Halloumi Cheese ₺ 35.50
Served with tomato-basil sauce.
* 5. Kat Quesadilla (Homemade)
Prepared with corn, cheese, basil and roasted peppers served with a special sauce.
- Small ₺ 27.00
- Large ₺ 36.00
* Baked Aubergine ₺ 45.80
Aubergine baked with mozzarella, served with a tomato and basil sauce.
* Seasonal Appetizer Plate ₺ 48.90
Two different flavor of fresh seasonal vegetables and mezes.
* Goat Cheese with Avacado ₺ 48.90
Served with aragula, tomatoes and basil sauce.
* Pastrami Hummus ₺ 48.50
Hummus and slices of pastrami, served with tortilla bread.
* Cheese Plate ₺ 79.90
Six kinds of cheese, served with dried and fresh fruits.


* Mixed Salad ₺34.50
Greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and cabbage.
* Red Cabbage Salad with Apple and Walnuts ₺ 40.90
Red cabbage salad with apple, walnuts, sultana and rocket served with special  yogurt  sauce.

Main Courses

* Homemade Ravioli ₺67.90
Filled with  four different cheese served in a mushroom-basil cream sauce.
* Penne Arabiatta
Served in a spicy tomato sauce.
* - with Grilled Halloumi Cheese ₺68.90
* - with grilled Shaslik Kebab ₺76.90
* Seafood Linguine ₺84.90
Sauteed seafood with fresh garlic, tomato and basil sauce.
* Fettuccine with Truffle Sauce ₺82.90
Prepare with forest mushrooms and light cream sauce.
* Mediterranean Style Oven Baked Sea Bass ₺88.90
Oven baked sea bass with summer vegetables and herbs served with sautéed potatoes and leek.
* Salmon Teriyaki ₺89.90
Served with teriyaki sauce with legume risotto.
* Chicken Marbella ₺83.90
Chicken thighs marinated in wine, green olives and dried plum sauce, served with vermicelli pilaf.
* Indian Chicken Madras (for spice lovers) ₺83.90
Cooked with curry sauce, fresh ginger, coconut milk and served with lavas and saffron rice.
* Lamb Shank ₺148.90
Oven-baked Lamb shank with fresh herbs, served with mashed potatoes.
* Grilled Beef Tenderloin ₺98.90
- With Mushroom Sauce ₺102.90
- With 4 Cheese Sauce ₺105.50
* Shaslik Kebab ₺98.90
Slices of sirloin in honey & soy sauce, served with bulgur pilaf, hummus and small salad.
* Lamb Chops ₺146.90
Served with seasonal vegetables and french fries.
* Cukurova Kebab ₺135.90
Grilled lamb seasoned with herbs served with bulgur pilaf, humus and small salad.


* Joy ₺32.90
Warm cake filled with chocolate sauce, served with ice cream and fresh fruits
* Ice Cream (4 scoops) ₺28.00
Please ask your waiter.
* White Chocolate Cheesecake ₺31.50
Served with chocolate or raspberry sauce.
* Brownie ₺32.00
Chocolate cake served with ice cream.
* Kaymachina ₺28.00
Caramelized pudding with orange sauce.
* Seasonal Fruits ₺48.90

Service charge is not included. VAT is included.