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Soğancı Sokak No: 3 Kat 5 Cihangir Beyoğlu İstanbul
T: 0(212) 293 37 74 F: 0(212) 249 66 08 E: [email protected]


25th Anniversary Invitation
The 25th anniversary of the actress Yasemin Alkaya's restaurant 5th floor had been celebrated with a colorful party. The world-famous Mich Gerber gave a concert at the Bosphorus view. Many famous names joined the night. Yasemin Alkaya welcomed the guests with her own tastes.


Is it the Last Tango at 5th Floor a.k.a Bohemian Temple?
Cihangir's famous intellectual place 5th Floor... I knocked on the door at 27 April and i talked with Yasemin Alkaya who is the owner of the 5th Place and listened from her unforgettable memories. 5th floor is going to celebrate their 20th year anniversary.


20 years in Istanbul 5th Floor Restaurant
Yasemin Alkaya celebrates the 20th anniversary of the 5th Floor Restaurant in Istanbul. Alkaya is currently dreaming of making the jubilee at restaurant and returning to the movies and shooting the films she wants to do for years.


Classical music feast
Cihangir's famous place 5th Floor Restaurant, with a view of Bosphorus Bridge to Sarayburnu, celebrated its 20th year with a very special party.


The last tango on the 5th Floor of the Bohemian temple?
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Cihangir's famous intellectual place, on 27 April, I knocked the door of its owner Yasemin Alkaya. I learned the surprise decision she made while listening to her memories that she could not forget.

Marie Claire

There are 5 floors to reach pleasure
We're in a familiar place. This place has been in our lives for almost 20 years, but the city's speed, constantly changing the pace, experienced hands and eyes have found a new body with the help of your own. The taste we love is still available. We are invited to Cihangir...


Now we're going to beautiful 5th Floor
5.Floor passed through strict maintenance and appeared in a cool way. Both the palace and the Mediterranean. In fact, you need to enter the restaurant to understand the phrase. There are traces of the Provance region of France...


Tripadvisor's Critics Choice
With its bright colours, velvet furnishings and an eye-catching floor piece of a nude young Norma Jean Baker, 5.Kat has one of the city's most striking interiors. As its name implies (kat means floor), it occupies the fifth floor of a backstreet building. A giant neon angel shines at street level.


5.Kat Restaurant İstanbul - Bir Tiyatro Sahnesi Gibi...
Yasemin Alkaya ile 1994 yılında tiyatrosuna maddi destek sağlamak amacıyla kurduğu ve sonrasında kendi sahnesi haline gelen mekanı 5.Kat'ı konuştuk.

Sabah - Günaydın

Gülden Karaböcek 5.Kat'ı sallayacak
Cihangir'de 18 yılı geride bırakan 5.Kat'ın 'Ünlülerin Yedikleri, İçtikleri, Dinledikleri' adlı konsept partisine 6 Nisan'da Gülden Karaböcek konuk olacak. Gecede sevilen şarkılar çalınacak

Restaurant 5.Kat
Eine Freundin von mir betreibt das Restaurant mit Dachterrasse, von dem man einen Blick auf die ganze Stadt hat. Das Essen ist eine Mischung aus Türkisch und Französisch.


“The meeting place for thouse who want to experience the excitement of Istanbul...”

Tempo Magazine

“Joy Line from Pera to Sarayburnu”
A place worth to be seen with its lying view from Sarayburnu to the Bosphorus Bridge... A very special Istanbul place where you can take a breath and can meet the people as like as yourself...”


The Joy in the Peak
I have been very pleased of the time I spent and the meal I ate in the 5th Floor. The people giving service are both professional and smiling. The environment is very beautiful. If you sit in a table near the window, you can have the taste of Bosphorus view...

Posta Newspaper (Şenay Düdek)

The terrace twinkling and gently breezing and the Exquisite Foods The 5th Floor will be among my favourite places here after. The foods are excellent, the service is magnificent, the view is wonderful, music is perfect, the landlady Yasemin Alkaya is very careful; she takes care to the customers one by one...”

Mydonose Life Magazine

“When you go up to the 5th Floor in the evening, the view that enter inside from the big windows and slap to your ears’ dust is so impressive that leaving your eyes from the view and concentrating on your order requires a great effort when the waiters ask what you want....”


A simple and sincere environment has been targeted while decorating the place that has a panoramic Istanbul view...

Radikal Newspaper

“You are listening to Istanbul...
“You are listening to Istanbul... Some places, on the contrary of the other places that are understood years after that they are nothing but a big prison in fact, always live and keeps alive... Because, it keeps many of the meetings, stories and memories among the walls that the years have collected...”

Sabah Newspaper

“The Terrace has also opened in the 5th Floor”
The landlady of the 5th Floor and the theatre actress Yasemin Alkaya cooks the majority of the meals by her own hands. It is not possible to find such a delicious lentil balls in another place”

Hürriyet Gazetesi, Mr. Gurme         

“Among the pub meals, I like the ‘crackle chicken’ most. This is not so easy to cook as it is seen. Even in the American chain restaurants in Istanbul, they can not cook it as it should be. The one here was not the crackle chicken styled in American, but it was delicious enough to make us lick our fingers up...”

Cumhuriyet Newspaper

“The Place Where the Stories Meet”
The theatre actress Yasemin Alkaya is offering the menu that she has prepared herself in an environment the decoration of which she has made herself again in the 5th Floor to where the artists and the intelligentsia are deeply interested in. The principle of Alkaya is “ Providing an environment that is best and most comfortable for everybody who comes into her place...”

Time Out Istanbul

“Entertainment in Sky”
Our advice is that you live the joy of this special place where you can have meals together with the candle lights and the twinkles of Bosphorus and that you can enjoy life when the weather goes well...

Sabah Newspaper

“The Upper Floor is Heaven” The 5th Floor that sees both sides of Istanbul, Bosphorus and the Topkapi Palace has now the 6th Floor! For people who want to say; “I looked at you yesterday from the hill”

Mydonose Life Magazine

“No entrance Without Culture”
The 5th Floor that is famous with its majestic view gains points with the cultural wealth of its frequenters aside from its delicious kitchen... If you are in love with the Bosphorus and if you like sitting by viewing the picture of Bosphorus and especially eating something and drinking some beverages while sitting, the 5th Floor is completely up to you...”