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Soğancı Sokak No: 3 Kat 5 Cihangir Beyoğlu İstanbul
T: 0(212) 293 37 74 F: 0(212) 249 66 08 E:

Guest Book

Great place to see the city. Nice waiters, good drinks.
I definitly will come back with my wife to taste the food next time!

Thanks from Taiwan!
Brian Lin07-11-2012 / 12:08
During our short conferrence trip in Istanbul one of our colleques told us to go to this restaurant. It was on saterday and didn't make reservations. we were with 7 persons.It was no problem we waited less than 5 minutes and we got a table. A wonderfull restaurant on the 5th floor with an amazing view. really a top restaurant with good food. We had a lovely last evening in beautiful Istanbul. Thank you.
Roger10-10-2012 / 15:57
Had dinner at your restaurant with my son on July 25th. The food, the atmosphere, view and service was beyond outstanding. I will be back soon. Thank you again!!
Silja Kaude-Kelly23-08-2012 / 04:27
My friend and I really enjoyed the food there and the view was just perfect. Really had a great time!
paulina13-10-2010 / 20:45
We had the pleasure to stay at your restaurant twice during our vaccation in September 2010.

Great Compliment for this wonderful and exciting place. We had a very warm welcome and as I must say. This place rocks.
Excellent food, great Cocktails superb Wines - what else do you need for a perfect stay.

We loved the atmospher and for shure we are coming back.

Whising all the best for future success
Rene Schieder30-09-2010 / 12:36
We resently came from Bulgaria and UK to Istanbul as a party of 6.
We had the most fabulous time and were very impressed with the lovely colourful, delicious food.
Each of us had a different meal and we all thought that they were great.
The staff were all very happy and extremely helpful.
Coming back to the vibrant city Istanbul soon and will not hesitate to book up at your lovely restaurant.
Many Thanks from
Geoff and Sue Ford, Nikki,Lorraine,Ashley and Carrie.
Geoff and Suzette Ford09-08-2009 / 14:58
We found your restaurant in a pocket guide for Istanbul, written from a greek magazin for travellers, named "Passport". Me and my friends were there at Friday 26 June. We had a wonderful evening. Especially me, I had a lot of time to feel so relaxed and fulfilled. The view and the food was just excellent, the service superb & friendly. I'll be back at my favorite city and of course at your restaurant. Thanks from Greece and best wishes for the future.
Elias-eltso@yahoo.com01-07-2009 / 23:50
It's great !
EMILY10-02-2009 / 07:20
Dear Yasemin,
Your cooking & the view, your looks & the atmosphere are second to nothing I have experienced in Istanbul.

I was invited here by a Cihangir neighbour. We where welcomed by Yasemin herself and spend some time at the bar enjoying the crowd. When we went upstairs [to 6.kat] for dinner the view over the city & the Bosporus blew me away.

We picked as many as possible styles from the menu to see what the kitchen was capable of and were happily surprised to see all styles handled to their fullest extent. The service was well fit, ever so helpful and flexible and went the extra mile without ever loosing their dignity.

PS Next time I will bring a [sweet] surprise for you and your hospital team. Thank you!
mokum von Amsterdam29-10-2008 / 03:01
Simply a wonderul place...delicious food and a magic sight of Istanbul by night...perfect for keeping in your mind a special evening spent with a good company!!
From Italy..23-09-2008 / 21:14